About Us

Brand Story


Feetlu was established to inspire people to bring about a positive change in their life and the world around us. We strive to provide everyone with premium quality yoga products that will not only make their lives easier, but also make their workouts more comfortable.

Our passion for yoga is trumped only by the commitment we have towards the environment. Therefore we use good manufacturing practices and recycled materials for our yoga mats so that we may reduce our negative impact on the planet.

We aim to create products that rest the mind, inspire courage, and motivate people to pursue physical and mental health to work towards a better future. This new way of thinking can help us cut through the noise of everyday life to bring peace, balance and inspiration. So you can reach your full potential while motivating others to do the same.

That's what Feetlu is all about: passion, empowerment, and motivating everyone to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.