1-4 : Who are the suitable users for recycled yoga mats?

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1-1 : What is Feetlu EPR® recycled mat ?

1-2 : Learn about Feetlu recycled yoga mats.

1-3 : Let's take a look at the manufacturing process of recycled yoga mats.

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The previous article mentioned that the hardness of recycled yoga mats is harder than other yoga mats.

It is very suitable for high-intensity muscle training by wearing shoes. The dumbbell-holding arm increases muscles. Any high-intensity fat-burning exercise is possible.

Of course, yoga is also suitable, but for beginners and users who need high elasticity and softness, they may think this recycled yoga mat is very hard and the material of this yoga mat is very poor.

Please don't get it wrong! Recycled yoga mats are harder because they add particles of yoga mat waste.

If the soft yoga mats generally produced are alive, then the crushed yoga mat particles are dead, so the particles of the yoga mat lose their elasticity. Isn’t it amazing?

We often see customers’ return comments stating that the recycled yoga mat materials are poor, which makes us very sad.

The good news is that the new recycled yoga mat with black and white dots is an improved and updated version, which is more elastic than the old version. Friends who are interested can start with this color.

We are considering a white style in the future. Will you all like white? Can give us some suggestions.


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