2-3 : I am afraid of pain and want to know if this yoga mat is suitable?

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2-1 : What is special about Feetlu 2/5" exercise mat ?

2-2 : Q&A Feetlu Thick Yoga Exercise Mat

Have you never bought your ideal yoga mat?

The 6mm yoga mat is too thin, and the 8mm is not thick enough. Many 10mm yoga mats are easily damaged and of poor quality.

Are these problems you have been unable to solve? You are lucky to meet us, Feetlu's thick yoga mat can fulfill your wish.

The ductility and elasticity of Feetlu's thick yoga mat are beyond your imagination. It can rebound immediately when facing gravity and pressing.

When the yoga mat is pulled left and right, it will not tear easily because it is strong and resistant to pulling.

No matter if you are doing yoga, exercise or core muscle training, when your body touches the yoga mat due to force, you will feel extremely soft and comfortable.

If you have the above related questions, then you must try our yoga mat, it will become your favorite. 💕

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