2-2 : Q&A Feetlu Thick Yoga Exercise Mat

Q1.Will this exercise mat be easily damaged ?

No! Our exercise mat is super elastic, relatively not easy to damage, no matter how you pull it, it can slowly return to its original state.

Therefore, our exercise mats are tough and durable, but they cannot be exposed to sunlight for a long time. They need to be kept out of sunlight.


Q2.Will it be troublesome to put away after use ?

It is very convenient to use and put away.

When you want to put it away, roll up the exercise mat and put a strap on both sides, and then tighten the strap buckle.

When you buy any style of exercise mat, we will match it with a strap for you. In addition to storing the exercise mat, this strap also allows the exercise mat to be carried with you.


Q3.Exercise on the floor makes my back and joints very painful. Will this exercise mat be useful?

of course. This exercise mat is 10mm thick and super elastic. It can provide enough cushioning and shock absorption when you are in contact with the mat.

The thickness of 10mm and good resilience can help you safely protect your back and joints from injury to reduce pain when exercising on the ground.


Q4.What should I do if the exercise mat is dirty?

Our exercise mats are all waterproof and washable, even if you get a sauce or drink, they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

If there is still dirt that cannot be wiped off with a wet cloth, please use a dry cloth and add a little cleaning naphtha to wipe gently.


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