3-2 : The difference between a folding mat and a regular yoga mat.

>> 3-1 : What is foldable yoga mat?

The thickness of our current folding yoga mat is only 6mm, and not only 6mm, which will be the most amazing thing about it.

As the title says, the folding design of the Folding Yoga Mat makes it different from a regular yoga mat. Traditional mats are rolled up and flattened, while folding mats can be unfolded and folded.

This change makes the yoga mat better for storage and solves the problem of uneven mat spread!

Do you have the same problem? The folding mat can save you!

It is more than that, the folding also changes the thickness, it can be 6mm or 12mm or more. But the relative yoga mat area will also be reduced, that's for sure.

It becomes smaller and thicker for some core exercises such as sit-ups, bar supports, push-ups, etc.

Lightweight and easy to carry without any straps, waterproof and washable is also a major advantage, can be taken to outdoor sports and yoga and travel.

Do you have other ideas in mind at this time? And the folding yoga mat can be very neatly placed to meet many storage compulsions, if you are, then you must try.

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