Can't get rid of the annoying blackheads and pimples?

Are you still using primitive methods to deal with blackheads and pimples on your face?

Come on! Don't hurt your delicate facial skin here!

A small blackhead pimple that you dig into a large red swelling with your hands will only make the infection grow.

Stop these wrong behaviors immediately, the skin is red and swollen means the skin is inflamed. If you keep touching your inflamed area with your hands full of bacteria, it will easily cause infection or ulceration.

Regardless of whether you are using any acne squeezing tools or not, please stop "squeezing" this action. Unless you are going to a specialized aesthetic center, it is better to have a professional operator perform these treatments than to squeeze them yourself.

In short, before we discuss how to get rid of blackheads and pimples, we should talk about how to stop them from growing.

A very simple step is to cleanse the face, especially for women who are accustomed to makeup in their daily lives, and the process of removing makeup must be done before cleaning.

Pick a cleanser that suits your skin type and pair it with a face wash brush, which will cleanse the dirt from your pores better. 

Use the silicone side to try to wash the area that produces the most oil, and massage it back and forth in a circular motion, which will help the dirt stuck in the pores to come out better.

The other side of the soft bristles is suitable for use on parts of the face that have less oil distribution or are more delicate.

After a complete cleansing of the face, the important part of the treatment of blackheads and pimples comes into play.

Remember NOT to squeeze!

After washing your face, apply a blackhead nose patch or cleansing mask. You may be wondering how this is different from washing your face and applying a mask?

If you want to make the nose stick or mask to remove blackheads and pimples more effective, it is absolutely important to clean your face carefully.

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Choose nasal strips that soften or dissolve pimples, rather than strips that pull them out. If you use a traditional pimple-pulling nose stick, it will only make your pores bigger.



The final step, which is also important to prevent acne growth, is to calm the skin so that the pores shrink. You can use toner, serum or the very common aloe vera gel. Put the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator for better pore reduction.

After doing these three steps perfectly you can go to bed with no worries.

Ready to meet the best of you tomorrow!


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