Do you really understand yoga?

There are many benefits to yoga, but there are some issues you must be aware of.

Why do you want to learn yoga? And are you on your way to learning yoga now?

But have you ever heard that more and more yoga teachers are having serious hip problems, some of them even needing surgery?

This is the price of excessive joint wear and tear.



Is yoga good?

There is no doubt that yoga has many benefits, but as with any exercise, there are risks associated with overuse of the body or improper application.

Without proper exercise or the wrong kind of practice, chronic joint wear and tear can occur, as well as low back pain, lower back pain, ligament laxity, loss of myofascial elasticity, and more.

Because of its ability to enhance the mind, body, and spirit, as well as its ability to strengthen the body, the passion for yoga has grown and become popular worldwide.


Why do some people say that yoga is bad?

Yoga itself is good, but practicing it the wrong way can be harmful.

It is often heard that people who practice yoga get injured, so it is recommended that beginners be led by a professional yoga teacher to avoid injuries caused by incorrect postures, and that people with special illnesses need to be evaluated by a doctor first.


In addition to the incorrect way, the practice of yoga can cause injury, not to the yoga itself, but to the [ mind ], the comparative mind, the competitive mind, the obsessive mind, the mind that is unkind to itself.

  • Just like some students will think, "Why can I not do what my classmates can do, when I can't do it at the moment, but still do it hard.
  • Yoga asana is practiced excessively every day, without allowing yourself to rest.

Failure to understand or care for yourself means that every joint in the human body has a safe range of motion.

Chronic joint damage can occur when the normal boundaries of the joints are exceeded over time, when high intensity activities are performed, and when improper exercises are performed.

Being able to feel the breath
Opening up awareness of the body
Use and respect your body properly
With a pure heart

Doing yoga with the right mindset is the only way to achieve the best purification of your own body and mind.

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