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How to arrange the home exercise training menu is very important, in addition to choosing to practice the entire week of sports schedule, you can also allocate time to practice waist + hip, etc., to each of the parts you care about are arranged to exercise menu to practice a round!


Motion 1- Hip Bridge + Single Leg Hip Thrust


Lie on the yoga mat with your feet bent, pay attention to the strength of the pelvis to support forward, then lift your buttocks upward to support the hip bridge posture, and lift one foot straight up, repeat the lifting action up and down, about 10 to 12 times a set.

💡 chin as far as possible inward neck will not be injured, only feel the hip is very sore means do it right, stick with it!


Motion 2- Reverse leg lift with pause


Kneeling position with four feet will be hands and knees on the ground, the action should pay attention to the hips and back has been a line, followed by one foot bent knee backwards reverse leg lift plus pause point two, and then straighten the leg backwards the same point two, two actions for a group of about 8 ~ 10, can train the gluteus and front thighs.

💡 Usually sedentary people prone to back pain, do this action not only strengthen the exercise hip and thighs, improve back pain is also helpful!


Motion 3- Bent knee lunge + upward leg lift


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then lift one leg upwards, then step diagonally behind the other leg to make a knee-bending lunge, pay attention to the need to maintain a deep squatting posture to stabilize the core force, can effectively train the hip muscles and core muscles, two movements back and forth for a group of about 10 to 12 under.

💡 People who are prone to knee pain are advised to slide down and try the next friendly knee action!


Motion 4- Side frog kick

In a four-legged kneeling position with hands and knees on the ground, then lift one foot to the side, the movement should pay attention to the hips and back in a straight line, a group of about 12 ~ 15 reps.

💡 When you feel soreness in the area between your buttocks and inner thighs, do two more strokes.


Motion 5- Squat + Side Leg Raise


Both feet and shoulder width to stabilize the core after bending the knees down squatting, deep squatting after the next and then get up at the same time to make a single-legged side leg lift, so as to complete a group, followed by continuous action, a group of about 10 on each side.

💡 If you are prone to knee pain, try the "sumo squat" which extends the width of your feet and is kinder to your knees!


Motion 6- Side curl


Lie on your side on the yoga mat with one hand to support the ground, then bend your legs with core force, drive your upper body to rise with slight force, elbows drive your body towards your hips, bend your feet to keep them flat on the yoga mat, side curls can especially train the side abdominal lumbar flesh which is normally less exercised, do about 12~15 sets on each side.

💡 Usually wear jeans waist meat easy to blow out of you, try to do more than 5 times more feel thin waist!


Motion 7- Legs in the air + crossed abdominal curl


Lie on the yoga mat and use your core to push your upper body up, then twist your upper body to the right while lifting your left elbow to your right knee, keeping your legs straight in the air as much as possible, and then go back and forth to complete the movement.

💡 think the difficulty is too low, try to put the angle of the feet lower, abdominal abuse more sense!


Motion 8- Single leg lift with pause


Sit on the yoga mat and lean back slightly with your arms for support, then lift your right leg to stay at 90 degrees to the ground, keep your left leg parallel to the ground while your left foot is in the air, and perform 10 pauses on the ground at the same time.

💡 Too much belly lately? Try doing 5 more reps on one foot.


Motion 9- Sitting curl


Sit behind the yoga mat and use your abdominal core as a support point, bend your knees with your feet off the ground, and then bend your calves back and forth to straighten them, completing the movement back and forth.

💡 It looks simple but it's actually a super bomb for small bellies!


Motion 10- Lie down and roll your stomach


Lie down behind the yoga mat with your abdominal core, bend your knees while touching your feet with your hands, and bend your calves back and forth to straighten them out.

💡 (KILLER SIXPACK) the most sensational action, want to get rid of the waist meat can not give up!


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