Self Care, Self Love , Self Therapy.

Facing the new day, do you always feel long, powerless, and tired?

Watching the show you used to like still feels terrible, but your life seems to be hollowed out day after day, nothing makes you feel happy, and the whole person is too low? The following points can be used to check whether you have also entered a low ebb in your life.


Yoga Meditation or Religious meditation is good choice.


Give yourself a vacation and do whatever :

When you feel anxious and stressed, the best thing is to think about nothing, do what you like to get a complete relaxation time, whether it is chasing dramas, watching movies, or shopping, it is best to let yourself forget those anxious things.



Giving thanks may make your life to be happy :

Giving thanks is a change of mind, and through the practice of gratitude meditation can change the view of the world,Givingthanks  can start with any small thing, no matter how mundane it is, it is the beginning of gratitude practice, try to input the image of gratitude into your brain, and one day you will really start to feel happy about these small things.


Good sleep make your body and spirit to be a good condition.

It is easy to recover and relax but it is hard to achieve to good level. Some ways are good that  having  the music , do exercising  or drinking tea  to  have sweet good sleep. Finally, tell myself,  Self care, Self love.

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