The right face care will make you look radiant!

Yoga exercises promote the circulation of the body, while the maintenance of the skin outside the body is also important !

First of all, most people are confused: How long should I apply the mask? Is it suitable for daily application?

Apply the mask can penetrate deep into the skin to achieve the moisturizing effect, but not the longer you apply it, it is recommended to apply it for 10-15 minutes, too long may not allow the skin to breathe, not only will not achieve the effect of beauty and moisturizing, there may be anti-absorption, resulting in moisture loss, the more dry the application.

The next step is to share with you the steps to apply the mask.

We must first remember a very important concept is that the mask can not replace the basic maintenance.
1. Clean skin, remove makeup and exfoliates
If you have just finished removing your makeup, let your skin soothe first, clean skin, absorption will be good, after removing the old keratin can also multiply the effectiveness of the mask.

In addition, the most suitable after the shower, because the pores open at this time, or usually before applying the mask, you can first wash your face with warm water to achieve the effect of opening the pores.
2. Apply mask after applying toner to enhance the relaxation and cleansing
If you want to apply it before makeup as an emergency care, it is recommended to apply it half an hour to one hour earlier before makeup.
3. After the mask is removed, use the remaining essence of the mask to massage
Massage steps:
(1) Use the warmth of your palm to cover the entire face for 10-15 seconds
(2) Use your fingertips to gently press the entire face from bottom to top, especially around the lymphatic area.
(3) Then use your fingertips to massage the cheeks like a piano! Massage more on the areas that need to be strengthened
(4) Finally, press from the top of the forehead to the temples and end behind the ears.
4. After dressing to lock water: winter can use lotion summer can use serum
5. The finished mask can be used as a hand mask, foot mask, apply joints such as elbows and knees
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