It’s a great reminder to simply breathe and be in the moment.

I haven’t done Yoga in FOREVER. But I’ve been spending a lot more time working on the computer and therefore am feeling it hardcore in my back, neck and shoulders. The stiffness is real! (I currently feel like a 90 year old grandma typing this as I try to get a kink out of my neck.)

Do you want to know why I haven’t done yoga in forever? Because it seems too slow and my mind is racing too much. Does anyone else see the irony in that? too!

I’m slowly delving into a short stretching routine in between meetings, writing emails, before bed and after getting up. It helps me stay energized, focused, and productive. But more importantly it’s a great reminder to simply breathe and be in the moment.

I think many people mistake being in the moment and being relaxed as a way of not being productive and just letting time pass you. That’s not the case at all though. For me the difference is either calling a dear friend and client and while they’re talking, think about my mile long to-do list (we all have it), or being completely present in the conversation and allowing to really hear and listen to the other person. It’s a completely different experience, feels better on an emotional level, AND for my fellow overachievers, you get more done!

Just in time for my newfound discovery of how important it is to get zen, I was asked to partner with @feetlu_official lu who graciously gifted me with this beautiful yoga mat and yoga blocks. The mat is made of sustainable materials, like bamboo and the blocks are surprisingly heavy offering a ton of stability for people who otherwise would fall over (I’m not saying that’s me, but it’s not not me either). If you’re looking for a new yoga mat or pair of blocks, check them out! They have a wide variety of different colors and options. They’re truly beautiful and help keep the planet a clean place.

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